The Silvermont Centennial Committee envisions Silvermont Park as a vital and exciting destination, one that brings value to our community.

The committee’s $2.2 million, 4-year strategic plan includes much-needed repairs and upgrades to the house and grounds, new children’s playgrounds and a central plaza to serve as a community gathering place.

The hPreservation Plan Coveristory of our Silvermont Grounds Master Plan Covercommittee’s work, a list of groups represented on the committee and details of the strategic plans for the mansion and grounds are available from the “Plans” menu at the top of this page.

It will take widespread community support to accomplish all the goals in the plans, but it will be worth it as we create together a beautiful park that is used and loved by all.

Silvermont Strategic Plan Highlights

For the mansion:
• Repairs to front porch and columns.
• Repairs to side and back porch.
• Repairs to eaves, dormers, windows, shutters, doors and roof.Silvermont Front
• New exterior paint.
• Improved and new HVAC for interior, all floors.
• Upgraded electrical service.
• Improved access to upper floors.
• Repair to interior walls and ceilings.
• Upgrade restroom facilities.
• Rehabilitation of third floor with elevator access.
• New paint for interior.
• Carriage house repairs and improvements.

For the grounds:Basketballmini
• New basketball court in new location.
• New community gathering plaza in front of mansion.
• New childrens’ playgrounds.
• New outdoor adult fitness equipment.
• New park entrance.
• New signage and lighting throughout.
• Repairs and improvements to pathways.
• Repairs to picnic shelter and benches.
• New landscaping around mansion and at entrance.
• Eliminating invasive plants.
• Caring for hemlocks and other treasure trees.