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Silvermont Benefactress Lee Stewart to be Remembered

Emily “Lee” Mashburn Stewart passed away in Marietta, Ga ., Dec. 14, 2015, surrounded by four generations of loving family… The rejuvenation of Silvermont was her proudest contribution to the Brevard community. With Jan Osborne she oversaw the creation of … Continue reading

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From Mary and Harry Sherwood

On July 17, 1986 the Festival of the Arts held an antique auto show and a dog show at Silvermont. We had just moved into our summer cottage in the Lake Toxaway area the year before and our daughters enjoyed … Continue reading

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Memories …Carleen Hanscom

“I will always remember “My Silvermont” as the giant slide, the wood forts, the swan swings , the basketball courts and the giant concrete animals.   Of course most of these park features are no longer here but the memories live … Continue reading

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From Kevin and Annette Glenn

“Summer of 1993, Annette, and I pulled our truck and camper into the Silvermont parking lot. Our kids were 5 and 7, had been in the truck all day. It was late on a Sunday afternoon, middle of July. We … Continue reading

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Transylvania Times Announces Silvermont Memories Campaign

February 27, 2014:  The Silvermont Centennial Committee wants to know what you remember most about Silvermont as part of a new “Silvermont Memories” campaign. “We want everyone to share their memories of playing at Silvermont, of prom pictures, weddings and … Continue reading

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From Paula Benton …

“So many special times are linked with Silvermont!  Of course, our children played there often when they were younger.  Now grandchildren play tennis there. But it goes even further.  I remember wonderful fund-raisers for various causes that were held on … Continue reading

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Memories – Mac Morrow and Mary Morrow Rose

“Silvermont, then hidden behind heavy, ornate iron gates, a hemlock hedge and surrounding woods seemed like another world in our young minds.  Walking the stone wall and peering through the trees was about as close as we dared trespass.  Mr. … Continue reading

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