Transylvania County Walk of History

The Walk of History is a portion of the walking path at Silvermont Park that runs between the parking lot and the East Main Street boundary.  Originally completed and dedicated in 2009, the Walk has many species of native trees and plants with a large sign, reproduced below, that describes their importance and connections to Transylvania County during different historical periods.

Welcome to Silvermont and the Transylvania County Walk of History. Markers have been placed at trees which represent significant eras of history of our city and county.

Native AmericanMountain Laurel
Flame Azalea
As early as 200 A.D., the Cherokee people inhabited this area calling it “Eastatoe” until driven away on the Trail of Tears in 1838.
Early ExplorersServiceberryClaimed by France from 1682 to 1763, thus the French Broad River, the area was known to hunters and trappers. Served as trade routes to South Carolina.
Revolutionary WarChaste Tree1776 to 1783. There are eight proven Revolutionary War patriots buried in the county.
Pioneers and SettlersApple Tree
Early families of the area established farms and trade. The earliest (1815) frame dwelling still standing is the Allison-Deaver House on Hwy 280E.
Religious HeritageDogwood
As early as the 1790s, organized groups gathered to worship. There are more than 60 churches in the county.
Civil WarRedbudCounty families had differing loyalties. Outlaws from both sides hid in the mountains. Later Black citizens contributed to the education and culture of the county.
Early IndustryOak
White Pine
Tulip Tree
The county and county seat of Brevard were established on May 28, 1861. With the coming of the railroad in 1894, logging and tanning industries brought prosperity. First school of forestry established 1900.
Arts and LettersHolly Tree
Curly Willow
American Beech
  • Earliest school – 1803
  • Brevard College – 1853
  • Newspaper – 1887
  • Library – 1912
  • Hospital – 1933
  • Music Center – 1936
  • Blue Ridge Community College – 1970
  • Arts Council – 1983
Later IndustryFlax
  • Summer camps – 1916
  • Ecusta Paper – 1939
  • E.I. Dupont – 1958
  • M-B Industries – 1960
  • Coates North American – 1964
  • Small specialized businesses
Nature and RecreationRed Maple
Red Oak
The beauty of the area with waterfalls, mountain vistas, and cool climate has been attracting visitors to the county since the mid-1800s.