No 2020 pumpkin fest due to covid19

We are so very sorry to announce that we cannot hold Pumpkin Fest this year due to covid19. Most of our volunteers are older and high risk, and we can’t do it without them.

To make up for it, we are expanding to 4 weekends (Fri. And Sat.) In October 2021. We are also building new displays. Please come back in 2021 for a bigger and better Pumpkin Fest!

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Oct. 25-26 last weekend for pumpkin fest 2019!


The last weekend of Pumpkin Fest 2019 at Silvermont in Brevard is coming up! Fri Oct 25, 7-9 pm and Sat. Oct 26 from 5-9 pm after spectacular Halloween Fest in downtown Brevard.

Friday night musicians are “The Outside Dogs”, a name change from Tommy Anderson and Friends. Saturday night, Nikki Talley will play from 5-7 and North Carolina Slim and the Dangerous Gentleman from 7-9 pm.

Friday night food is Tin Roof Pizza, the BBQ Shed and Bill’s Boilerhouse. Same on Saturday except Tin Roof Pizza can’t be there.

If it rains, the event will still be held, but bring an umbrella to walk the lighted pumpkin trail. Music and activities will be in the mansion and on the big porches. A flashlight is also handy.

$5 parking per car, $5 admission per person (we don’t charge for babies in arms or strollers). Cash or check with id only. Free parking on nearby lots and street.

Feel free to dress in costume if you like!

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Are dogs allowed at pumpkin fest?

Last few days we’ve been getting tons of questions about whether dogs are allowed at pumpkin fest. Silvermont is a county Park, so dogs are allowed on a

leash and if owners pick up after them. That said, we have a lot of kiddos of all ages, so hopefully the dogs are well behaved around the kids. We’ve been getting 700 plus folks a night, so they should be well behaved in crowds or come early or late to have a quieter time.

The only place in Silvermont Park the dogs can’t go is inside the historic mansion, unless it is a trained service dog.

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Rain or not, the pumpkin fest party will still go on!

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about rain and the impact on the event. We will still be open, even if it rains. Bring an umbrella to walk the lighted pumpkin trail. The historic mansion will be open to learn about the history of the park and house. Music, face painting and pirate costume photo op will be moved to the porch. The only thing significantly impacted will be games on the tennis courts. Corn hole, chalk drawing will be done under the portico on the side of the house. Coloring pumpkins will be done inside.

So yes, folks, the show will go on! Here are some pics from last night.

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Second Weekend of Pumpkin Fest Coming- Oct. 18-19 7-9 pm

Looking forward to weekend 2 for Pumpkin Fest. Returning food providers are Tin Roof Pizza, The BBQ Shed, and Bill’s Boilerhouse (coffee and snacks).

For music, we have a great weekend coming up. Sheila Byrd with Byrds and Crows will replace Marc Brown and Friends on Friday night Oct. 18, and Marion Boatwright and Friends will play Saturday night, Oct. 19.

Both nights, the event starts at 7 pm and goes to 9 pm. Lots of activities for kids, families and those who enjoy this time of the year. The lighted pumpkin trails are beautiful. $5 admission and $5 onsite parking, cash. You can park for free on nearby streets or Comporium lot after hours.   Benefits Friends of Silvermont.

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Great first weekend of pumpkin fest 2019!

IMG_20191011_191016.jpgThank you to all the great folks who supported and enjoyed pumpkin fest the first weekend. We had a record breaking attendance the first night! Thank you to our musicians and their fans for doing a great job, Hammond George and Unpaid Bill and the Bad Czechs.

We were happy that the Asheville citizen times newspaper named it as top fall festival in their weekend special. People are driving from two hours away and telling us it’s worth it. One local family comes every night. We have a new kids activity this year, dress up like a pirate photo op and people are loving it.

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Second night of pumpkin fest Oct 12 at 7 pm


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Great opening night tonight!

Lots of folks enjoyed the lighted pumpkin trail, music, food, visiting the historic mansion, and of course the wonderful kids activities.   Face painting and games are popular as always, and of course the white squirrel scavenger hunt.   New this year are temporary tattoos and dress up like a pirate!   Folks also enjoyed Bills Boilerhouse coffee and snacks, Tin Roof Pizza and The BBQ Shed.   Here are some pictures of the displays!

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Great music and food coming to Silvermont along with the lighted trail- Pumpkin Fest 2019!


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Set up for Pumpkin Fest continues

Pumpkinteers continued setting up today for pumpkin fest at Silvermont starting Oct 11-12, 18-19 and 25-26. Thanks to Schenk Job Corps for their help.IMG_20191001_135014IMG_20191001_134824IMG_20191001_135054IMG_20191001_134850_1

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Pumpkin Fest Set Up Starts Today!

Monday, September 30 is the start of set up for Pumpkin Fest 2019. Here are some pictures of the Pumpkinteers working hard today.

Thank you so much to the Schenck Job Corp and 14 other volunteers who showed up to work hard at Silvermont Park today setting up the displays.  If you are interested in helping, there are lots of opportunities for all types of skill levels and abilities.

If you are in the Silvermont Park over the next month, please don’t let little kids kick or hit the pumpkins, as they are fragile.

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Great music, lighted trail and food at Pumpkin Fest in Brevard 2019

Happy to share our great food options at pumpkin fest at Silvermont in Brevard this year! Tim Roof Pizza, The BBQ Shed, and Bills Boilerhouse Coffee! Oct. 11-12, 18-19, 25 from 7-9 pm. Oct. 26 5-9 pm. Lighted pumpkin trail, great music and more! $5 admission cash, $5 car onsite parking. Free parking on street.under the sea

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Visit the Silvermont Second Floor Museum!

The Transylvania Heritage Museum docents provide tours to the Silvermont Museum on Fridays from 1-4 pm.  Contact the Transylvania Heritage Museum for more information.

Silvermont Museum is open Friday afternoons from 1 -4 pm. Tours can be arranged by contacting The Transylvania Heritage Museum at 884-2347 or by email to

Here is the information from theTransylvania Heritage Museum page on Silvermont.


Silvermont Mansion, built by Transylvania Industrialist Joseph Silversteen in 1917, anchors an 8 acres county park located on East Main Street in Brevard. The property is operated by Transylvania County Parks and Recreation. A second-floor house museum, reflecting the era of the Silversteen family, is managed by the Transylvania Heritage Museum. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981 and is located in the East Main Street Historic District

In the early 20th century, Joseph Silversteen owned and operated at least five industries in the county including the Toxaway Tanning Company, the Gloucester Lumber Company, the Gloucester Company Store, the Rosman Tanning and Extract Company and the Transylvania Tanning Company.

When Joseph and his wife Elizabeth moved to Transylvania County in 1902, they settled in the town of Toxaway (Now Rosman). That is where Joseph opened his first tannery, the Toxaway Tanning Company, and where their three daughters Miriam, Dorothy and Adelaide, were born,

In 1916, Joseph purchased eight acres from A. E. Boardman on East Main Street and built a two-and-a-half-story, five bay, 33-room Colonial Revival mansion. The rooms, two deep, have paneled wainscot with handsome millwork. The front entrance opens into a center hall with a wide, open-string staircase. In addition to the many bedrooms, baths, and sitting rooms, the house boasts a conservatory and a grand parlor which the family used to play bridge.

The last Silversteen, Dorothy Silversteen Bjerg, passed away in 1972, leaving the house and grounds to Transylvania County.

Her will states that Silvermont “be used as a recreation and community center for the benefit of the citizens of Transylvania County. It is my desire and wish that the facilities be adapted to provide accommodations for the gatherings of elderly people and the youth of the community, and that it serve as  a center for art and crafts programs and such other useful and educational purposes as the Board of County Commissioners shall deem appropriate.”

To honor Dorothy’s wishes, the county has created a multi-use facility for the citizens of the county. Silvermont Opportunity Center provides a range of services, activities, and programs to encourage active aging. The second floor of the house is dedicated to a museum, reflecting the era and lifestyle of the Silversteen family. The grounds currently include tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground, picnic shelter, nature trails, and educational gardens.

Silvermont Museum is open Friday afternoons from 1 -4 pm. Tours can be arranged by contacting The Transylvania Heritage Museum at 884-2347 or by email to




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Pumpkin Fest Poster for 2019

poster 2019

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Pumpkin Fest is Coming!!!

00000IMG_00000_BURST20190830141306614_COVERThe Friends of Silvermont set up the Pumpkin Fest signs in early September, with the Pumpkin Kids waving at cars and people passing by Main Street.   This is the 5th Annual Pumpkin Fest, with fun for kids, families of all ages, and for special date nights- walking the lighted pumpkin display trail, games, facepainting, historic mansion open, music, food and more.  The cost is affordable, still $5 admission, $5 onsit parking (cash only).

Dates are last 3 Fridays and Saturdays in October:  October 11-12, 18-19, 25-26.  Hours are 7-9 pm except Saturday Oct. 26- 5-9 pm.

We’ll have Tin Roof Pizza food truck and Bill’s Boilerhouse Coffee this year, and fantastic music groups each night.  Stay tuned for more information.

Silvermont Park and Mansion is located at 363 E. Main St.  Brevard, NC 28712.   Tell your friends!

We are also on Facebook at:

Pumpkin Fest at Silvermont Park, Brevard, NC

Silvermont Park


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