Lighted Pumpkin Patch Will Return – Volunteers Requested

Last October’s “Revenge of the White Squirrels” and “Lighted Pumpkin Patch” events in Silvermont Park were such a hit, that the Friends of Silvermont plan to bring the event back this October.  Planning for the event has begun, and they are looking for volunteers who would like to be a part of these fun Halloween activities.  The event will run for three weekends in October and will include some of the displays from last year, along with additional displays and activities, providing an even bigger and better experience for children and families over the Halloween holidays.

PumpkinPatchSignAn immediate need for the event is location of long-term storage space for the thousands of pumpkin decorations.  For the past year, the team used a Quonset hut on the grounds of Keystone Camp, a much-appreciated short-term solution for the project.  A larger, more accessible space would make the maintenance of the decorations more feasible.  A large unheated barn or garage would be ideal.  If you have or know of a space that might be available, please contact Pinkie Byrd at   

Teams are now being formed to prepare the displays and to manage the event.  A first step will be to find people with an artistic/craft orientation to help get the pumpkin displays ready. There are opportunities both for display repair as well as design.  Some of the displays need some rehab and additional decoration for use this year.  Some of the donated displays were not used last year, but with some TLC and design layout, could be put into action this year.  For anyone interested in being a part of this project, please contact Jeanne Hunter (

The group is seeking additional volunteers to help with moving and set-up on the grounds, as well as staffing of the event.  Contact Pinkie Byrd at if you would like to volunteer. 




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