Syd the White Squirrel New Display for Pumpkin Fest 2022

More pictures from Pumpkin Fest at Silvermont in Brevard last night including Syd in an inner tube looking for her family in “Under the Sea”, looking in the mine area, and the whole family together at the end of the trail.

Jeanne Hunter designed the exhibit and Chet Wright wrote the wonderful poem.  Other Pumpkinteers (Joe Dapkins, Erik Rasmussen, Pinkie Byrd, Jenny Tierney, Kristen Alpert and more) helped cut out, sand, paint, stage and light the displays. 

There is a Syd display and poem at each major lighted pumpkin display.  This is our new display this year.   Every year Joe Dapkins add something new and tweak existing exhibits to keep it fresh.

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