Walking Trail Improvements Nearly Complete

Recent visitors to Silvermont will have noticed a substantial amount of construction activity on the popular main walking trail. Work began in January to address drainage issues on the north side of the park. Stormwater erosion has been mitigated with the addition of new drains and a retention pond.

Once the infrastructure work was complete, the next step was to replace the gravel pathway with a durable paved surface. The entire walking trail, including the Walk of History that runs along the east side of the park by the parking lot, is now a smooth surface which will be much easier to navigate for people with limited mobility and for baby strollers.

According to Transylvania County, who contracted to have the drainage improvements and paving completed, there is still a little landscaping work outstanding to finish the project. The contractor and county will be sowing additional grass and laying some sod, and mulch will be added to cover the gravel at the side of the trail.

Overall, this is a massive improvement over the gravel trail, which frequently had erosion problems and potentially uneven surfaces. Thanks, Transylvania County, for making this enhancement to Silvermont!

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