Thank You, Event and Music Sponsors

Friends of Silvermont tries to improve and respond to feedback on Pumpkin Fest each year, during and after the month-long event. This year, for the first time, we asked for sponsorship help, which helps pay our expenses, assists with fundraising, and keeps ticket prices low.

For 2023, we were blessed to have two event sponsors, Rotary Club of Brevard and Brevard Music Center. We thank both leadership groups in our community for their generous support.

Brevard Rotary also paid for free admission for 100 kids on opening night, October 6 this year, enabling many families to attend at lower cost — a wonderful extra gift to the kids of our community.

We have also been fortunate to have music sponsors for almost every night, to ensure we have great music. We thank these businesses and Friends of Silvermont (FOS) for their music support.

DateGroupMusic Sponsor
Oct. 6Two Step TooFriends of Silvermont
Oct. 7Big Eyed RabbitBartlett Tree Experts
Oct. 13Nikki Talley and Jason SharpTC Furnishings and Design
Oct. 14Unpaid Bill and the Bad CzechsQuixote Fine Cuisine
Oct. 20Nikki Talley and Jason SharpDapkins family in memory of LCDR Bandurraga
Oct. 21Unpaid Bill and the Bad CzechsFriends of Silvermont
Oct. 27McIntosh and the LionheartsDapkins family in memory of George Dippold
Oct. 28McIntosh and the Lionheartsno sponsor
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