Congratulations, Brenda!

For the weeks leading up to Pumpkin Fest, and during the event itself, we focus our publicity efforts on promoting the event. We go all-pumpkin, all the time.

Now that Pumpkin Fest 2023 is in the rear-view mirror, we can catch up on other Silvermont-related news. On the top of our list, we’d like to congratulate Brenda Skeffington, our favorite Transylvania County employee, on being named Transylvanian of the Week in the October 2 edition of the Transylvania Times.

Photo credit: Jonathan Rich, The Transylvania Times

Her job title is Recreation Program Coordinator II, but we all know her as the overseer of the Silvermont Opportunity Center, where she manages the day-to-day operations of our senior center, tennis courts, and activities for young and old alike. She is endlessly positive, cheerful, and creative in making Silvermont the vibrant community center we’ve all come to know and love.

It’s not in her job title, but Brenda is not only the face of Silvermont — she is also its heart and soul. The Times article mentions her many contributions to the community and her leadership in creating, coordinating, and teaching programs at the Senior Center. It’s typical of her modesty not to mention her role as a key leader in the Land of Waterfalls Senior Games, including sports and the Silver Arts competitions. We had several state-wide prize winners in the latest edition.

We’ve seen her counsel seniors about local resources, lead fitness classes, endlessly set up rooms for meetings, answer a stream of questions, and run a leaf blower in the parking lot — all in a day’s work. Way to go, Brenda!

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