Transylvania Times Announces Silvermont Memories Campaign

MySilvermontBoxFebruary 27, 2014:  The Silvermont Centennial Committee wants to know what you remember most about Silvermont as part of a new “Silvermont Memories” campaign.

“We want everyone to share their memories of playing at Silvermont, of prom pictures, weddings and other events that led to special memories of this community park,” says Committee Co-Chair Jeannie Falknor.

“The purpose of the campaign is to help us all remember why this historic home and the park grounds are such an important part of our county and need to be repaired and cared for going forward.”

Memories can be shared on the Silvermont Park web site: or memories and pictures can be posted on the Facebook page “Silvermont Park.”

As part of the campaign, ads will run in coming weeks in The Transylvania Times with memories from County Commission Chair Mike Hawkins, Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris and others.

The Silvermont Centennial Committee has been working for two years on a strategic plan of repairs and improvements at Silvermont Park.  County commissioners approved porch repairs to the historic mansion, which are under way.  Plans include continued repairs and improvements to the house.

On the grounds, the first project will be construction of a new children’s playground followed by other grounds projects including a new basketball court, community gathering plaza and improved and accessible trails.

“Our goal is to have all the improvements completed by 2017 when the historic mansion turns 100 years old,” says Falknor.  “And we will need considerable community support to accomplish this goal.”

Information about all the plans for Silvermont Park and how to support them are on the web site:, where you can also read the “Silvermont Memories” that have been shared so far.

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