From Kevin and Annette Glenn

MySilvermontBox“Summer of 1993, Annette, and I pulled our truck and camper into the Silvermont parking lot. Our kids were 5 and 7, had been in the truck all day. It was late on a Sunday afternoon, middle of July. We let the kids out to ride their bikes, and burn some energy. We were just passing through on a journey to somewhere. We noticed some kids playing basketball, black kids, white kids, and latino lids, together. If this is the south, let us be part of it. Annette said this was it. She wanted to live in this neighborhood. We stayed in a campground in Etowah, and looked for a house. Out of the blue, a house came up for sale on Parkview, we moved in in October,  and we are still here, tho we left the house on Parkview in 2003.

Silvermont was the lure. And we took it hook, line, and sinker!”

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