Memories …Carleen Hanscom

MySilvermontBox“I will always remember “My Silvermont” as the giant slide, the wood forts, the swan swings , the basketball courts and the giant concrete animals.   Of course most of these park features are no longer here but the memories live on.  My sister and I would walk to the park from my parents business in town to shoot some hoops and meet up with friends.  This is where most of my skills were honed for church league basketball. 

Some of my fondest memories include special events that were held at Silvermont:  my sister and I “showing” our dogs in one of the annual dog shows, me running my first official 1 mile run that started and finished in Silvermont, attending many dances that took place on the basketball courts where we perfected our clogging skills, and oHanscomCropf course I could never forget the annual Halloween Costume Contest where my sister won first place for her frightening costume of the headless horseman.

I still to this day spend time in Silvermont and can’t wait to see how the future of the park will unfold for the community. “

Carleen Hanscom
Director, Transylvania County Department of Parks & Recreation

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